Mountain Giants

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Mountain Giants
Civilization Stats
Physical Strength: x5
Optimal Temp.: 0°C
Growth Range: -44°C to +44°C
Growth Multiplier: x0.1
Max. Pop. Multiplier: x0.2
Land/Water Affinity: Land
Optimal Water Balance: 20%
Max. Home Guard: 100%
Max. Unemployment: 25%
Max. Labor Shortage: 30%
Happiness Bonus: 10%
Penalty for Unhappiness: 10%
Tax Sensitivity: x0.1

Despite their enormous size mountain giants are not uncommon in the galaxy. Their groups can be observed on arid planets located hundreds of light years apart.

Mountain giants are huge creatures averaging 25-30 meters in height and 40 tonnes in weight. Their intelligence is limited but their strength is ferocious. They make a formidable home guard for a colony's defence and speed up the time it takes a colony to complete construction projects. In-Game Description


Mountain Giants are a Minor Faction that can be found throughout a galaxy. They prefer colder planets with plenty of land. When a planet with a native Mountain Giant population is colonized, their population automatically joins the colony and can contribute to the planet's development.

Benefits to a Colony

A colony can utilize the formidable physical strength and increased military enlistment of a Mountain Giant population to bolster their defences. All Mountain Giants are part of a planet's home guard, significantly increasing the strength of ground defences. Additionally, the time required for the construction and upgrading of structures on the planet is also decreased by 60%.

If such a planet also hosts a Shipyard, ship construction times will also be reduced by 60% (but ship upgrade and repair times will not). As Mountain Giants typically inhabit large worlds with high land fractions (and therefore with high maximum populations), such planets can be particularly valuable for hosting Tier 4 Shipyards, to reduce the long build times of Dreadnought-class hulls and the associated planetary infrastructure needed for their construction.

Mountain Giants are also 4.5x less affected by happiness penalties arising from taxation, and so can be taxed at a higher rate than other organic factions on the same planet. However, their small starting population and very slow growth rate make this only a minor benefit.

The Syntis have the strongest synergy with Mountain Giants, as both races prefer cold planets with high land fractions. Humans can effectively co-exist with Mountain Giants, but Ripchee and Snithereal players may have more difficulty in utilising them, as Mountain Giants prefer climates and land/water balances very different from ideal Ripchee growth conditions.


  • A previous version of their description stated that Mountain Giants can effectively be domesticated, with individuals grown up separately from wild giants being easily trained to perform hard work and military goals.