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For sole detection of enemy minefields, see Mine Detectors.

Minesweepers are a type of special ship module used to detect minefields, remove enemy minefields, and provide safe passage through enemy minefields.

  • Minesweeper modules are only compatible with Corvette-class hulls
  • The flagship of a fleet must have a minesweeper module installed to be able to activate minesweeping
  • Minesweepers require fuel to activate and work for a fixed period of time
  • An activated minesweeper will remain active until the end of its duration - even if the minesweeping fleet is moved in and out of the minefield
  • While an active minesweeper is in an enemy player's minefield(s) the density will gradually decrease until no minefield is left
  • Active minesweepers have safe passage through detected enemy minefields
  • When more than one minesweeper is active in a minefield at the same time only the strongest minesweeper will sweep the minefield - but all have safe passage
  • When an active minesweeper is in an area where multiple minefields overlap it sweeps all of them at the same time - it doesn’t sweep one at a time or divide its sweeping power between them
  • If a fleet is attacked while minesweeping its minesweeper module will need to be manually re-activated


ImageNameLevelResearchSizePCDensity per HrHours per 100%Fuel to activateRuns for (H)FaCredits
Minesweeper1Minesweeping SystemsS15025%480083,0001,500
Minesweeper2Minefield NeutralizationS15050%280085,0004,500

In the 'Awaken the Dark' galaxy minesweeping times are approx 10x faster as shown in the following table:

Name Level Density per Hr Hours per 100% Runs for (H)
Minesweeper 1 250% 24 mins 1 hr
Minesweeper 2 500% 12 mins 1 hr


  • Name: The module's name.
  • Level: The module's tech-level.
  • Research: The technology that must be researched to unlock this module for use.
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large.
  • PC: Ship Power consumption in MWt.
  • Density per Hr: Proportion of a minefield swept per hour.
  • Hours per 100%: Time required to completely sweep a single minefield starting at 100% density, in hours
  • Fuel to activate: Olzine required for module activation.
  • Runs for: Duration of module activity in hours.
  • Fa: Module cost in farsu (added to ship total build cost).
  • Credits: Module cost in credits (added to ship total build cost).


Minesweeping Active.png

  1. If the fleet has minesweeping capabilities the 'Activate Minesweeper' button is available - clicking it activates the minesweeper instantly
  2. While the minesweeper is active the minesweeper button is green and the duration the minesweeper will remain active for is visible (when this countdown expires the fleet will no longer be able to sweep minefields unless the minesweeper is reactivated)
  3. Enemy minefields within the active minesweeper's scanner range glow red. Hovering the red area reveals the minefield owner and the density of the minefield (your own minefields glow yellow). The blue circle glows around an active minesweeper fleet while it's inside a minefield. While moving through the minefield the minesweeper won't be damaged. Sweeping the minefield happens automatically (if more than one active minesweeper is inside the minefield only the strongest minesweeper will sweep the minefield but all active minesweeper fleets will have safe passage).

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