Military Base Automation

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Military Base Automation
Military Base Research 1.png
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: Organic Major Factions
Prerequisite: Decentralization
Difficulty: 150
Unlocks: Tier 2 Military Bases
Required By: Orbital Defence System, Autonomous Military Bases
For the Syntis version of this technology, see Next Generation of Force Spawner.


This Technology unlocks the Tier 2 upgrade to the Military Base defensive structure, which can be used to make existing Bases more efficient by supporting more troops (+200 soldiers) with the same power and personnel costs. Tier 2 Bases also train troops at twice the rate, producing 50 soldiers per hour. It is also a prerequisite to another critical defensive technology, namely the Orbital Defence System tech, making this one a must-unlock relatively early on.

While upgrading, a Military Base will not train or support any troops as part of the planet's defence. The contribution is restored immediately upon completion of the upgrade.