Medium Energy Projection I

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Medium Energy Projection I
Medium Energy Projection I.png
Weapons & Warfare Equipment Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Light Energy Projection I
Difficulty: 50
Unlocks: Medium Plasma Cannon MPC-1
Required By: Particle Manipulation I, Medium Energy Projection II, Tracking Device for Power Cannon I


This technology unlocks the Tier 1 Medium fixed Plasma Cannon, an energy-based weapon, for use on ships. As a Medium-sized weapon, it is incompatible with Scout-class hulls, but all Destroyers and nearly all Frigates have at least some Medium weapon hard points, so it is worth having a weapon like this available to avoid unnecessary ship redesigns and refits.

The MPC-1 is relatively easy to unlock at 50 Difficulty, and is a very powerful weapon for Tier 1 vessels. Compared to the Tier 1 Small Power Cannon, the MPC-1 does 2.5x as much damage, and also does 50% more damage than the equivalent Medium Kinetic cannon. This firepower comes with significant drawbacks; each MPC-1 costs 750 Ziryl to install, three times as much as a Small Power Cannon. This may be difficult for newer fleet commanders to afford. A bigger problem is the weapon's power draw - each MPC-1 requires 75MW to operate, making their use almost impossible without at least one auxiliary generator. As a result, it may be some time before a new player can use these cannons to their full potential.

Researching this technology unlocks three possible progression options. The first is a turret-mounted burst-damage beam, the second the next tier of fixed Medium cannon, and finally the first Plasma turret, which trades some DPS and power efficiency for tracking speed.