Mass Colonization

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Mass Colonization
Mass Colonization.png
Spaceship Engineering Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Space Colonization
Difficulty: 150
Unlocks: Colonization Module CM-B1
Required By: Adaptive Colonization


Players will be able to start researching Mass Colonization very early on after unlocking the basic Colonizer hull, but with a Difficulty of 150, it will likely be some time before they have both the means and the need to do so. Unlike its prerequisite, this tech does not unlock a new hull, but rather an upgraded Colonization Module for the existing Colonizer hull to use. This new CM-B1 module holds more than twice as many people, but more importantly, deploys a free Farm structure during the colonization process.

This capability is very useful during the initial stages of setting up a colony, as it means that extra colonists brought along in Personnel Transport modules can be deployed planet-side immediately, to provide a workforce for setting up mines, manning Climate Stations for terraforming or building Entertainment structures to mitigate Corruption.

This technology is particularly valuable for Mankind, Ripchee and Snithereal players, as their Colonizer hulls have smaller equipment loads for extra resource and colonist transport.