Ship Blueprint Design: Configure Parts

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  • Ship blueprint design involves selecting parts and placing them on the slots on a hull
  • Each blueprint needs a unique name, engines and a scanner
  • Once a blueprint design has been configured it needs to be researched before it's available to your shipyards
  • Watch the video below to see a Colonizer blueprint being designed

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Available ship parts

  • Ship parts that are compatible with the selected hull are listed on the left
  • e.g. the Colonization module is only listed if you've researched it and are designing a Colonizer class hull

Hull slots

  • Slots are the areas of a hull where ship parts and weapons can be placed
  • When no part is selected empty hull slots are highlighted blue
  • When a part is selected only the compatible slots are highlighted (green if empty, yellow if in use)

Ship Design Hull Slots.jpg

Part and slot compatibility

  • Parts and slots must match in size e.g. only a small part can be placed on a small slot
  • Some slots are only compatible with weapons and others general parts
  • Each hull has a slot only compatible with engines and another with scanners (these parts are required)
  • Special ability parts may also only be compatible with one or two specific slots on a hull e.g. a colonizer class hull has just one slot where a colonization module can be placed

Adding parts

  • Select a part on the left and click on a slot on the hull to place it
  • Empty slots compatible with the selected part highlight green
  • Used slots compatible with the selected part highlight yellow (you can place a part on a yellow slot to replace the current part)
  • Energy balance: if the parts added require more energy that the ship configuration provides, add better engines or generators to increase the power supply, or remove parts that consume energy

Removing parts

  • The easiest way to remove a part is using the ship slots panel
  • You can also remove parts placed on a hull by selecting the 'remove' tool from the available ship parts list and then clicking on the part itself on the ship model

Required parts

  • Engines and a scanner are required
  • If ordnance weapons or a minelayer are added an ordnance module is also required (ordnance cannot be shared between ships in a fleet, unlike fuel)
  • Fuel tanks aren't required because ships can travel without fuel, but engines travel significantly faster when using fuel so they're worth considering
  • Some special parts require fuel to work (cloak detector, cloaking module, minesweeper, mine detector) but fuel tanks aren't required if these parts are added because any fuel carried by a fleet is available to all ships in the fleet, unlike ordnance)

Ship stats and costs

  • The ship stats and costs update in real-time as parts are added and removed
  • Cost represents the resources that will be required to build one ship based on the current design

Ship Design Stats And Costs.jpg

Ship slots panel

  • The ship slots panel lists all parts placed on the hull
  • Hovering a part will reveal more details
  • Clicking a part will remove it from the hull and free up that slot

Ship Design Ship Slots.jpg

Saving a blueprint

  • Click the RESEARCH button to save the ship blueprint
  • If there are any issues detected with the blueprint you will be notified e.g. no engine was selected, ordnance weapons were added but no ordnance module
  • Research of the blueprint will then begin automatically
  • After research finishes the blueprint will be available to your shipyards

Video example

Watch the video below to see a Colonizer blueprint being designed.

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