Ship Blueprint Design

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  • Before a ship can be constructed in a shipyard a blueprint needs to be designed (the blueprint is available once it's been researched)
  • Each hull has slots where ship parts and weapons are attached
  • Some hulls also have special abilities e.g. only a Colonizer class hull can colonize a planet
  • You can find and build available ship blueprints only in your shipyards

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Selecting a hull

  • Select a hull to begin a new ship design
  • If the hull that you want isn't available you need to research it to unlock it
  • After selecting a hull you'll be taken to the next screen in ship design where you'll configure the parts
  • Once the blueprint has been saved research of it starts automatically and it'll be available to your shipyards when done

Ship Designer Select Hull.jpg


  • Slots are the areas of a hull where ship parts and weapons can be attached (the more slots the better)
  • They come in small, medium and large sizes (not all hulls have all sizes)
  • Slots are compatible with either General parts or Weapons (not all hulls have Weapon slots)

Ship Slots List.jpg

For example, the hull slots available in the image above are:

  • 4 x Small General
  • 8 x Medium General
  • 4 x Medium Weapon
  • 2 x Large Weapon

Special abilities

A hull is considered to have a special ability if it has a slot compatible with a part that has limited compatibility. For example, a colonization module can only be placed on a colonizer class hull, and a cloak detector can only be placed on a corvette class hull. If a hull has a special ability listed, hover it to see details.

Blueprint research

  • A blueprint must be researched before it's available to your shipyards (this starts automatically when a blueprint is saved)
  • Blueprints based on larger hulls and/or those with more configured parts take longer to research
  • Blueprint research speed is also determined by your science power (the stronger it is, the faster blueprints are researched)
  • Only one ship blueprint can be researched at a time

Ship Design Research In Progress.jpg

Finding blueprints

  • You can find and build available ship blueprints only in your shipyards
  • Your home planet has a shipyard but you can build more on other planets
  • A shipyard can be opened from planet management by clicking on the shipyard icon or ship build queue

Open A Shipyard.jpg

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