Manage Structures

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The Structure Management view for a planet is accessed via Planet Management. From this view you can:

  • See the available structure types you can build and how many you have already built (left panel)
  • Order construction of new structures and manage the construction queue
  • Manage existing structures

When first joining the game, you will start with a single colonized planet that is already equipped with: a farm, laboratory, power station, planetary scanner and a ship yard (additional structure types are released via Research).

Building New Structures

  • Click on the structure type you wish to build on the Colony Structures panel on the left
  • The centre panel should now appear and look like that shown in the above image
  • Use the slider to select how many of this structure to build (you must have sufficient resources available)
  • The build order will be added to the Construction Queue panel on the right

Common Structure Types

  • Farm: as your population grows, they will need enough farms or the population will begin to decrease.
  • Laboratory: laboratories across all your planets contribute to your total Science Power which is shown in the Primary UI. The more laboratories you have, the quicker you can research new technologies.
  • Power Station: buildings consume power and will fail to operate without it. Power stations are required to generate this power. The current power situation of a planet can see on the panel on the right at the bottom. It shows the current usage and the amount available. Buildings can be powered down to free up power for other buildings.
  • Shipyard: this is where you design and order the construction of ships. This screen is shown in more detail on its own page. IF a shipyard has been built on a planet, the Shipyard button on the bottom of the planet management screen is active. Save these details for below, explained below
  • Mine: many mine types. Panel on the right shows production rate. 0 if no mine of that resource.

Managing Structures

  • Click on the structure type you wish to manage on the Colony Structures panel on the left.
  • The centre panel should now appear and look like that shown in the above image.
  • Using the Power tab you can power on or off, one or more of this structure type. Buildings consume power, so if there is insufficient power on the planet some buildings will be automatically powered down. You can choose to power on or off certain structure types if power is in short supply.
  • Using the Recycle tab you can select one or more of this structure type to recycle. Recycling a structure means it no longer exists, and in return you earn back a certain amount of resources (you can see this before ordering the recycling).

Construction Queue

Details of your construction activity are shown on the Construction Queue panel on the right of the view.

If there is no construction activity going on, then this panel is blank. If there is, you will see what is being built in real-time, with the pending construction orders beneath it. It's possible to either cancel a queued item for construction or sort the queue order.

If the resources required to complete the construction aren't available, the item will remain in the queue until they are (either transferred to the planet, or reserves due to mining increase sufficiently).