Ordnance Weapons

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Ordnance-based Ship Weapons require onboard Ship Ordnance to be able to function.

  • Players start the game with access to a single Ordnance Weapon, the SKD-1 quad-gun. All other weapons must first be unlocked through the relevant researches.
  • Weapons may only be fitted to the correct-sized hard point on a ship, e.g. Medium Weapons are only compatible with Medium Weapon slots.
  • Ordnance Weapons aren't blocked by shields, whereas Energy Weapons are. However, Energy Weapons typically do more damage than ordnance weapons when shields are down/not installed.
  • Ordnance Weapons consume ammunition (weaponised limbalt) from their onboard Ordnance Modules when firing. If a ship's ordnance supply runs out, its ordnance weapons will not be able to fire again until it is reloaded.
  • Ordnance Weapons are generally cheaper to construct than Energy Weapons, and also do not require ziryl in their construction.

Cannons (fixed mount)

  • Fixed cannons require a clear line of sight to their target, and are unable to fire if another ship is in the way.
  • Fixed cannons also cannot move independently of the ship, and are unable to fire at a target not directly within its line of fire.
Kinetic Cannon SKD-11NoneS33042---125056
Kinetic Cannon SKC-11Blast Projectiles IS33052.5---175078
Kinetic Cannon SKC-21Blast Projectiles IIS33063---2500112
Kinetic Cannon SKC-31Blast Projectiles IIIS33084---3750168
Kinetic Cannon SKC-41Blast Projectiles IVS330115.5---5500247
Kinetic Cannon SKC-51Blast Projectiles VS330168---8000360
Kinetic Cannon MKC-12Efficient Detonation Chambers IM630105---5000450
Kinetic Cannon MKC-22Efficient Detonation Chambers IIM630126---6250562
Kinetic Cannon MKC-32Efficient Detonation Chambers IIIM630168---8000720
Kinetic Cannon MKC-42Efficient Detonation Chambers IVM6302110.5---1,0500944
Kinetic Cannon MKC-52Efficient Detonation Chambers VM6302713.5---1,37501,236
TBDSmall Cannon "Hellfire"2TBDS12302512.5---75001,074
Medium Cannon "Hellfire"2HellfireM50304020---1,20001,720

See below for table column definitions.

* The Small Hellfire cannon is not yet in the game.


  • Turrets require a clear line of sight to their target, and are unable to fire if another ship is in the way.
  • Turrets can move independently of the ship to track and fire at a moving target (indicated by the AS angular speed property).
  • Turrets will not track independently of any other fixed weapons that the hull may have, and will not fire until all other weapons are able to do so.
Kinetic Turret KT-12Tracking Device for Kinetic Cannon IM66044--753750486
Kinetic Turret KT-22Tracking Device for Kinetic Cannon IIM66055--755000600
Kinetic Turret KT-32Tracking Device for Kinetic Cannon IIIM66066--756750756
Kinetic Turret KT-42Tracking Device for Kinetic Cannon IVM66088--759250982
Kinetic Turret KT-52Tracking Device for Kinetic Cannon VM6601212--751,25001,274
Medium Turret "Hellfire"2Hellfire TurretM50422517.5--451,50002,240

See below for table column definitions.

Rockets (missiles and torpedoes)

  • These weapons do not require a clear line of sight to their target, and so can strike any target in a fleet, even if other ships are in the way.
  • Other ships within the splash radius of these weapons' shots will also take damage (ships positioned close to each other in a fleet are vulnerable).
Missile Launcher ML-13Guidance Systems IM257.5658.13504-1,62402,145
Missile Launcher ML-1A3Guidance Systems IIM257.5708.75504-1,75002,304
Missile Launcher ML-1B3Guidance Systems IIIM257.58010504-2,00002,625
Missile Launcher ML-1C3Guidance Systems IVM257.59511.88504-2,39003,102
Missile Launcher ML-23Guidance Systems VM257.511514.38504-2,86003,738
Missile Launcher SML-A4Explosive WarheadsM257.5283.58504-1,75004,472
Torpedo Launcher SML-B4Cluster TorpedoesL504.98655.41,70010-2,65009,664
Torpedo Launcher TL-14Charged Limbalt Packaging IL504.9816013.2810010-2,64007,264
Torpedo Launcher TL-24Charged Limbalt Packaging IIL504.9817014.1110010-2,82007,680
Torpedo Launcher TL-34Charged Limbalt Packaging IIIL504.9819015.7710010-3,14008,512
Torpedo Launcher TL-44Charged Limbalt Packaging IVL504.9822018.2610010-3,64009,764
Torpedo Launcher TL-54Charged Limbalt Packaging VL504.9826021.5810010-4,300011,428

See below for table column definitions.

Unique ordnance weapons

The following weapons are only accessible for specific civilizations:

The People's Realm

Missile Launcher ML-34Guidance Systems VIM257.513016.25504-3,20005,624
Torpedo Launcher TL-65Charged Limbalt Packaging VIL504.9829024.0710010-4,814015,850

See below for table column definitions.

Orbital Weapons

Orbital Weapons are ordnance-based ship weapons that are used to launch Orbital Strikes against a planet's surface to destroy buildings and colony population. They are detailed on the Orbital Weapons page.


Minelayers are ordnance-based ship weapons that are used to deploy minefields to cause damage to non-friendly fleets. They are detailed on the Minelayers page.


  • Name: The weapon's name.
  • Level: The weapon's tech-level.
  • Research: The technology that must be researched to unlock this weapon for use.
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large (weapons are only compatible with the correct size of Weapon hard-point).
  • Shells: The ordnance required/consumed per shot.
  • RPM: Number of Rounds Per Minute that can be fired.
  • DPR: Damage Per Round delivered.
  • DPS: Average Damage Per Second, based on the weapon's RPM and DPR stats.
  • Splash: Splash radius in meters for projectiles (all ships within this range are damaged as if directly struck themselves).
  • FT: Projectile's Flight Time from launcher to target.
  • AS: Angular Speed of turret rotation in degrees per second.
  • Fa: Module cost in farsu (added to ship total build cost).
  • Credits: Module cost in credits (added to ship total build cost).