Light Energy Projection I

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Light Energy Projection I
Light Energy Projection I.png
Weapons & Warfare Equipment Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: None
Difficulty: 0.1
Unlocks: Small Power Cannon SPC-1
Required By: Medium Energy Projection I, Light Energy Projection II


Light Energy Projection I is one of two starting technologies available at the roots of the Ship Weapons section of the tech tree. It unlocks the Tier 1 Small Power Cannon, an energy weapon compatible with Scout and other beginner hulls.

Compared to the Small Kinetic Cannon, the Power Cannon does more damage and does not consume ammunition, but costs more resources to build upfront, particularly ziryl. Additionally, on ships with several Small weapon hard points, the combined power draw of the cannons may become unsustainable. Low-level Pirates are unshielded, so the Power Cannon may be the preferred choice to take them down quickly.