Orbital Weapons

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Ships equipped with orbital bombing weapons can launch Orbital Strikes against a planet's surface which destroy buildings and/or colony population.

  • Orbital weapons must be unlocked through the relevant researches.
  • Orbital bombing weapons can only be fitted to Cruiser-class ship hulls, using their Large Weapon hard-points. They may only be used against player colonies, and have no effect in Fleet Battles.
  • All orbital weapons are ordnance-based (the ship must have sufficient ordnance to fire).
  • An orbital strike can only be ordered when the fleet is in orbit, and there are no defensive fleets in orbit.
  • Once an orbital strike has been ordered, it will only be launched after the Launch Time countdown has completed. The fleet must remain stationary in orbit during this time.
  • Not every strike will succeed in causing destruction, due to the weapon's Accuracy.


ImageNameLevelResearchSizePCAccuracyLaunch TimeOrdnanceFaZiCredits
Orbital BomberOrbital Bomber1Orbital BombardmentL010%301,0001,80003,600
Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-30Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-301Energy Storm IL10030%606005002,000800
Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-40Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-402Energy Storm IIL10040%556001,0002,0001,600
Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-50Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-503Energy Storm IIIL10050%506001,5002,0003,200
Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-60Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-604Energy Storm IVL10060%456002,0002,0007,200
Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-90Orbital Strike Cannon Losc-905Energy Storm VL10090%306002,5002,00014,400


  • Name: The weapon's name.
  • Level: The weapon's tech-level.
  • Research: The technology that must be researched to unlock this weapon for use.
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large (weapons are only compatible with the correct size of Weapon hard-point).
  • PC: Ship Power consumption in MWt.
  • Ordnance: The ordnance required/consumed per shot.
  • Launch Time: Time in minutes until the strike will be launched once ordered.
  • Accuracy: Probability of the weapon's shot hitting a target as part of a strike.
  • Fa: Module cost in farsu (added to ship total build cost).
  • Zi: Module cost in ziryl (added to ship total build cost).
  • Credits: Module cost in credits (added to ship total build cost).