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Launching Outscape

Launch the Outscape Alpha from the Steam client (you will need to activate your Steam Key if you haven't already done so).

Configuration window


The above configuration window should appear after launching the game. You should be good to just go ahead and click the Play! button. If you do need to make changes, the Graphics and Input tabs configure:


  • Screen: choose your resolution.
  • Graphics quality:
    • High - only suitable for cutting edge graphics cards (try Medium if High leads to unstable performance)
    • Medium - recommended for most dedicated graphics cards (try Low if Medium leads to unstable performance)
    • Low - recommended for integrated/older graphics cards, or when performance is unstable on a higher quality setting
  • Select monitor: choose which of your connected display devices to use.
  • Windowed: check to enable, game will run within a window rather than full screen.

Input: The game can be played using only the mouse. However, this tab lists the keyboard controls and what they do (not currently configurable).

FPS control

High quality can result in an intensely high frame rate not suitable for certain hardware configurations and can lead to overheating. Medium quality automatically limits the frame rate to a sensible limit.

Initial account setup

Game Account Login.jpg

The first time you launch the game, you will need to login to an IDA Games account and link it to your Steam account. If you haven't yet created an IDA Games account, clicking the button will open your web browser and load the account creation form.

Creating an IDA Games account and logging in

Create Account Form.jpg

After submitting the form, you will need to confirm your email address before you can login using the account credentials.

Keep the account creation page open in your browser until you have received your confirmation email and completed the account setup (there are instructions regarding resolving any account creation issues such as a confirmation email not arriving).

After finishing the new account creation, you can return to the game and login (the game should still be running).

Linking Steam account to IDA Games account

Link Accounts.jpg

The first time you launch the game and login, you will also need to confirm the linking of the Steam and IDA Games accounts that you are logged in to.

Launching the game in the future

In future when launching the game, you will proceed directly to the game lobby and will not have to repeat the above steps.

Joining a game galaxy

Game Selection.jpg

Any game galaxies that you have already joined can be resumed playing from this screen. To begin with though, the game slots will all be empty like in the above image.

Clicking Join Game will open the galaxy selection screen.

Galaxy selection

New Game Selection.jpg

There may be one or more game galaxies available to join. Click a galaxy to select it and the join game button to proceed.

  • The galaxy selection screen will be updated shortly and may be updated in the game before this guide has been updated.

Choose your Civilization

After choosing a game galaxy to join you will need to choose which civilization to play. There are currently four playable civilizations from which to choose:


Choose Mankind.jpg


Choose Syntis.jpg


Choose Ripchee.jpg

The People's Realm

Choose Peoples Realm.jpg

Start playing

Once you have chosen a civilization, you will be joined to the galaxy and are ready to start playing!

Before continuing with your game, we strongly recommend reading through the Alpha Player Guide.