Jettison Pods

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Jettison pods are used to temporarily store cargo in deep space. Once a jettison pod has been dropped in space, any player/fleet can transfer resources to/from it.

They can be dropped anywhere, deep space, in a star system or in orbit of a planet. Jettison pods disintegrate 48 hours after they're last used (transferred to/from) and anything still inside is then lost. There is currently no limit on the resource quantity a jettison pod can hold, but this will likely change in the future.


  • Drop resources for another fleet to collect without having to wait for it to arrive
  • Leave resources for another player as part of a trade
  • Lure a passing fleet into a trap
  • Leave some resources for a neighbour as a random act of kindness :)


1.Open a fleet’s transfer screen.

Fleet Transfer Open.jpg

2. Click the ‘Drop Jettison Pod’ button in the bottom left of the screen (only possible if 400 Farsu available to fleet).

Jettison Pod Create.jpg

3. Confirm you wish to use 400 Farsu to create and drop an empty jettison pod.

Jettison Pod Confirm.jpg

Once the jettison pod has been dropped it will immediately show up on the left of the transfer screen ready for selection and for resources to be transferred to it (see below).

Please note: at the moment you will need to exit the Transfer screen and then re-open it to see the jettison pod in the list of possible transfer targets.

Transferring resources

1. To transfer resources between a fleet and jettison pod they must be at the same position. If they aren’t, use the fleet’s ‘Move to position’ command.

Jettison Pod Move To Position.jpg

2. Open the fleet’s transfer screen and select the jettison pod from the list of objects on the left (any object at the same position as the fleet will also be listed).

Jettison Pod Select.jpg

3. Transfer resources in either direction between the jettison pod and the fleet.

Jettison Pod Transfer.jpg

Auto transferring resources

Introduced at the end of 2019 the ability to automatically ferry resourced from a planet from a wreck OR a drop pod was introduced. When a ship currently in orbit of a controlled planet is selected and clicks on either a Jettison Pod or a wreck the option to "Auto transfer" The ship will cross to the pod load and return as many times as it takes to unload the pod fully. It MAY be possible to make trade routes up like this (Yet to be tested)

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