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Civilization Snithereal
Class Dreadnought
Flagship level 18
Tech level 4
Armour 3,840
Length 900 m
Engines 16 x L
General (L) 6
Fighter carrier (L) 6
Farsu 38,400
Credits 68,000
Build time (secs) 228,000

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The Jörmungandr is the Tier 4 Dreadnought hull of the Snithereal.

Overview & Strategy

The Jörmungandr is the smallest and lightest-armoured Dreadnought, but is still a potent heavy hull and flagship. It has a high attacking potential compared to the Dreadnoughts of other Major Factions, as all six of its Large Weapons can mount Fighter Carriers. Considering possible escort vessels, the Zaratan offers many Medium Weapons and is more economical to build, while the Lindworm has higher base Armour and the option of further fighter support.

As with other Dreadnoughts, this hull's greatest asset is its Flag limit of 18, making it the best flagship to lead invasions and Orbital Strikes.