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Civilization People's Realm
Class Colonizer
Flagship level 4
Tech level 1
Armour 300
Length 300 m
Engines 2 x M
General (S) 4
General (M) 4
Farsu 3,000
Credits 700
Build time (secs) 10,800

The Imperium is an old but reliable hull design. It can be used to create a colonization vessel or a cheap cargo vessel. In-Game Description

The Imperium is the Colonizer hull of The People's Realm.

Overview & Strategy

Apart from the obvious use as a colonizer, the Imperium hull can serve as a decent cargo hauler. It shares the same configuration of four Small and four Medium general slots with the Zarion freighter hull, but is both cheaper and quicker to build. As such, the Imperium can make a decent passenger transport or light freighter, with the added bonus that it can switch to colonization mode as the situation demands.

Its Flag rating of 4 means it can be outfitted with escorts that are armed such as Scout Craft or Corvettes, providing much-needed defence.