Home Planet Protection

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  • Home planet protection is a temporary newbie protection
  • It only covers the home planet of a new player (the planet a new player spawns on to at the start of a game)

See also: Newbie Protected Zone, Galaxies

How it works

While home planet protection is active other players are unable to:

  • Invade the planet
  • Bomb the planet

Because these actions are disabled on the fleet menu.

Note: home planet protection from bombing was added for the new Awaken the Dark galaxy only but will be included in all future galaxies.

Newbie protection period

Home planet protection lasts as long as the newbie protection period for that galaxy:

  • 1x speed galaxies: 28 days
  • 10x speed galaxies: 5 days

A shield icon is displayed next to a planet's name while home planet protection is still active. Hovering it shows when it expires.

Advice homeplanet 3.png

Newbie protected zones

In galaxies with newbie protected zones home planet protection is rarely needed because the NPC guard fleets prevent non-friendly fleets reaching the home planet.

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