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  • Objects in a star system are only visible to other scanners in the same star system
  • Objects in orbit of a planet are only visible to other scanners in the same orbit e.g. a fleet in orbit, the planet colonized by another player



  • A planet is unexplored until one of your fleets enters its orbit
  • Only environment intel is available for unexplored planets


  • A planet has been explored after one of your fleets has entered its orbit
  • Environment, natural resources and population intel is available for explored planets
  • After leaving orbit of a planet you can continue to see the last known intel on it. But real-time intel on the planet is only available while in its orbit.


  • Most systems contain asteroid fields that can be mined
  • Once an asteroid field's resources have been mined the asteroid automatically vanishes (at the moment asteroid fields don't regenerate)




  • To automatically mine an asteroid field move a fleet equipped with an asteroid mining module and cargo space into orbit of one of your colonies
  • With the fleet selected click on the asteroid field and select the 'Auto-mine' menu option
  • The fleet will then move to the asteroid field, mine it until its cargo is full, return to the colony and deposit the resources, and repeat automatically until the asteroid field is empty or it's disturbed e.g. ordered to move, attacked


  • Asteroid fields can also be mined manually by moving the fleet into the asteroid field and clicking the 'mine' button
  • Once the fleet's cargo is full mining automatically stops and can only resume again after resources have been offloaded
  • With automated asteroid mining manually mining rarely makes sense








Mine asteroids

Other objects


  • Wreckages appear in the game after a fleet has been destroyed in battle
  • They contain resources that can be transferred to a fleet with cargo space
  • Wreckages are automatically removed after 48 hours - or once the resources have been taken
  • See: Wreckage

Jettison pods

  • Jettison pods are used to temporarily store cargo in deep space
  • See: Jettison Pods

Battle markers

  • Battle markers for battles you were involved are always visible to you - whether you have scanner coverage of them or not
  • Clicking the battle marker will give you the option to watch the battle or to permanently delete it

Auto-transfer resources

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