Shipyard: Blueprint

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  • Once a ship blueprint has been selected it can be built, cloned, or deleted
  • The ship parts configured for the blueprint and the overall stats a built ship would inherit are displayed

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Shipyard Blueprint.jpg


  • To order a ship build from the selected blueprint set the quantity of ships required and click 'Build'
  • The shipyard's colony will need to have enough resources to proceed with the order
  • A shipyard cannot build a blueprint of a level higher than itself e.g. a level 2 shipyard cannot build a blueprint based on a level 3 hull
  • Once a ship build is ordered it enters the ship build queue
  • Finished ships appear in orbit of the planet (see image below)

New Ships Appear In Orbit.jpg


  • Click 'Clone' to start a new blueprint ship design using the selected blueprint as a starting point
  • A new blueprint isn't automatically created; the new design must be manually saved in ship design (where it's opened)


  • If a blueprint isn't going to be used again it can be safely deleted
  • Deleting a blueprint doesn't affect any ships that were built using it

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