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  • Shipyards build and maintain fleets (upgrade, repair, recycle, reload ordnance)
  • Ship blueprints are also managed via shipyards (clone, delete)
  • Blueprint design itself isn't tied to shipyards (ship design can be opened from anywhere in the game via the top main menu)

See also: Shipyard: Blueprint


Managing blueprints

  • The main shipyard screen lists all available blueprints (a blueprint isn't listed here if it's still being researched)
  • Clicking on a blueprint will take you to another screen where you'll be able to order a ship build using it or manage the blueprint itself (clone, delete)

Creating new blueprints

  • New ship blueprints are created via ship design
  • You can open ship design from anywhere in the game via the button on the top main menu
  • Clicking the 'New Blueprint' button in the shipyard will also open the ship designer
  • Once a newly designed ship blueprint has been researched it will be available to your shipyard(s)

Building ships

  • To order a ship build click on the ship blueprint you want to build
  • On the next screen you'll be able to set the quantity of ships to build (and see details of the blueprint)
  • The shipyard's colony will need to have enough resources to proceed with the build order

Shipyard queue

  • After a ship build is ordered it enters the shipyard queue (a shipyard can only build one ship at a time)
  • Construction of the ship will start immediately if the queue is empty (if not, once it reaches the front of the queue)
  • If a ship build is cancelled the resource cost is returned (proportionate to the progress made, but no less than 50% of the original resource cost e.g. all of it if the build didn't start)
  • Finished ships appear in orbit of the planet

Ship maintenance

  • Ship maintenance - upgrade, recycle, repair, reload ordnance - is ordered from a fleet itself - not a shipyard (maintenance doesn't affect a shipyard's build activity)
  • A fleet must be in orbit of a planet with a shipyard to perform maintenance
  • The image below shows the upgrade and recycle buttons for a ship in fleet management

Fleet Management Upgrade Recycle Buttons.jpg


  • Ship upgrades are ordered via fleet management
  • Upgrading a ship involves selecting another blueprint to use for a ship's new configuration


  • Ships in a fleet can be recycled via fleet management
  • When a ship is recycled it is destroyed and a proportion of the resources used to build it are returned to the shipyard's colony
  • If a fleet isn't in orbit of a planet with a shipyard it can be destroyed instead (the resources used to build it are lost)


  • Ship repairs are ordered by clicking the fleet's repair button - they don't start automatically
  • The repair button is only available if the fleet has been damaged (and there's a shipyard in orbit)
  • In the image below the repair button is available because the fleet has been damaged (the blue circle indicating HP isn't 100%)

Fleet Damaged Repair.jpg

Reload ordnance

Ordnance modules that aren't full are automatically filled when a fleet enters orbit of a planet with a shipyard (if the colony has Limbalt available).

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