Research and Technology V2

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Researching technology

Science Power Practise V2.jpg

  • Research technology to unlock items e.g. ships, parts, buildings (hover a technology to see what it unlocks)
  • You must have enough Science Points (1) to research a technology and researched/queued any technology it depends on
  • Click a technology to research it or add it to the queue
  • Each technology takes only five minutes to research
  • Your Science Power (2) determines how many Science Points (1) you gain per hour
  • Construct laboratories - and colonize Akorokken planets - to increase your Science Power and earn more Science Points per hour
  • To unlock the laboratory building you need to research SCIENCE PRACTISE (3)

Important early technologies

The following technologies are critical if your empire is to grow:

  Technology Science Points Unlocks
Space Colonization.png Space Colonization 10 Colonizer, Colonization module
Laboratory Research 1.png Science Practice 5 Laboratories (level 1)
Limbalt lvl 1.png Industrial Use of Limbalt 10 Limbalt mine (level 1)
Ziryl lvl 1.png Ziryl-90 Fusion 10 Ziryl mine (level 1)