Planet Management: Infrastructure

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Constructed buildings

  • Buildings are listed grouped by their level (the Level is displayed in the top right corner and the Quantity in the bottom left corner)
  • For example, you could have 3 separate farm listings if at least one level 1, level 2 and level 3 farms have been built
  • Click a building listing to reveal the Upgrade/Dismantle buttons


  • The Upgrade button is only available if an upgrade is available
  • Most buildings have upgrade options but they must be researched before they are available
  • Higher level buildings can't be built directly, they are built by upgrading a building of a lower level
  • For example, a level 3 building can only be built by first building a level 1, then upgrading it to level 2, then upgrading it to level 3
  • When an upgrade is ordered it's added to the building queue and starts only once it reaches the front of the queue


  • Dismantling a building will return a proportion of the resources/credits used in its construction (it will also free up the personnel employed)
  • When a building is ordered to be dismantled it's added to the building queue and starts only once it reaches the front of the queue

Order construction

  • To order construction of one or more new buildings click on the Building queue at the bottom of the screen
  • You will then be taken to the construction options screen where you can choose which building(s) to build and how many
  • Each new building ordered is added to the building queue and construction only starts once it reaches the front of the queue

Building queue

  • One structure can be built/upgraded/dismantled at a time but others can be queued (each order in the queue starts automatically when it gets to the front of the queue)
  • Orders in the queue can be cancelled and any resource cost is returned to the colony (proportionate to the progress made, but no less than 50% of the original resource cost)

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