Planet Management: Construction

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See also: Planet Management: Infrastructure

Construction options

Planet Management Construction Options.jpg

  • At the start of a game you won't have many buildings you can construct - you'll need to research others to unlock them
  • Click on a building to open the order construction screen e.g. the Beron mine
  • After ordering construction of a building it's added to the building queue

Automated colony development

  • While enabled, automated colony development will periodically evaluate the conditions on the colony and - resources permitting - order construction of buildings for you (it will also upgrade buildings and lower taxes if happiness is falling)
  • It's not as optimum as managing construction yourself, but a good way to keep a colony developing if you are going to be offline for a while

Order construction

Planet Management Construction Order.jpg

  • To order construction of the selected building select the Quantity required and click the 'Build' button
  • You will need to have enough resources available to cover the Cost (the resources available to the colony are displayed at the top of the screen)
  • The build order will be added to the building queue and you'll be returned to the construction options screen

Building queue

  • One structure can be built/upgraded/dismantled at a time but others can be queued (each order in the queue starts automatically when it gets to the front of the queue)
  • Orders in the queue can be cancelled and any resource cost is returned to the colony (proportionate to the progress made, but no less than 50% of the original resource cost)
  • After a building has been constructed it's listed on the Infrastructure screen

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