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The Government Building (Central AI for Syntis) is the heart of your empire:

  • Each home planet starts with a government building
  • Your empire can have only one government building - but you can build another on any of your colonies if yours is lost or destroyed
  • If a colony with a government building is captured/lost the government building is automatically destroyed
  • The government building boosts the income of your colony on which it resides to increase credit income from tax
  • The government building also increases:
    • All civs: population growth rates
    • Organic civs: corruption immunity - corruption only starts to reduce happiness across all colonies once your empire's corruption immunity has been exceeded
    • Syntis: the maximum number of colonies that the Syntis can manage
  • The government building can be upgraded to further increase income and corruption immunity (organic civs) or max colonies (Syntis)

Government buildings

Level Upgradable Name (Organic) Research to unlock (Organic) Name (Syntis) Research to unlock (Syntis)
1 Yes Government Building I None TB33 - Central AI None
2 Yes Government Building II Tech Government 2.png Government modernization II TB33V2 - Central AI Tech Syntis Government 2.png Central AI Upgrade II
3 Yes Government Building III Tech Government 3.png Government modernization III TB33V3 - Central AI Tech Syntis Government 3.png Central AI Upgrade III
4 Yes Government Building IV Tech Government 4.png Government modernization IV TB33V4 - Central AI Tech syntis Government 4.png Central AI Upgrade IV
5 No Government Building V Tech Government 5.png Government modernization V TB33V5 - Central AI Tech Syntis Government 5.png Central AI Upgrade V


  • Each civilization starts off with access to level 1 government buildings
  • Level 2 to 5 government buildings can be unlocked by researching the relevant technology (see 'Research' in the table above)

Constructing and upgrading

  • Level 1 government buildings can be constructed directly
  • Levels 2 to 5 are obtained by upgrading a lower level government building e.g. a level 1 government building can be upgraded to level 2, but a level 2 government building cannot be built directly
  • Your empire can have only one government building - but you can build another on any of your colonies if yours is lost or destroyed

Stats & upgrade costs

CivNameLevelUpgradeImmunity/Max coloniesEconomic BoostGrowth BoostPersonnelDesirabilityPCBeCreditsBuild
Organic CivGovernment Building1Government Building II1300%50%50,0000.5505,0005,00012
Syntis OnlyTB33 - Central AI1TB33V2 - Central AI1300%50%50,0000.5505,0005,00012
Organic CivGovernment Building II2Government Building III3325%50%50,0001505,00010,00060
Syntis OnlyTB33V2 - Central AI2TB33V3 - Central AI3325%50%50,0001505,00010,00060
Organic CivGovernment Building III3Government Building IV6350%50%50,00025010,00020,000150
Syntis OnlyTB33V3 - Central AI3TB33V4 - Central AI6350%50%50,00025010,00020,000150
Organic CivGovernment Building IV4Government Building V9375%50%50,00045020,00050,000300
Syntis OnlyTB33V4 - Central AI4TB33V5 - Central AI9375%50%50,00045020,00050,000300
Organic CivGovernment Building V5-12400%50%50,00085040,000100,000750
Syntis OnlyTB33V5 - Central AI5-12400%50%50,00085040,000100,000750


  • Level: the tech-level
  • Upgrade: whether the building can be upgraded
  • Immunity/Max colonies: the number of colonies an empire's 'Corruption Immunity' is boosted by (organic civs) or max number of colonies increased for Syntis
  • Economic Boost: the income boost the colony receives
  • Growth Boost: the boost to population growth rates
  • Personnel: number of colonists required to operate (contributes to employment)
  • Desirability: effect on colony happiness
  • PC (Power Consumption MWt): amount of colony power required
  • Be (Beron): cost in beron
  • Credits: cost in credits
  • Build: build time in minutes