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Happiness is hugely influential on the growth and performance of a colony. It is affected by a number of conditions including tax rate and employment. In-Game Description

Happiness is an important factor in influencing the growth and prosperity of colonies composed of Organic civilizations.

Factors Affecting Happiness

All organic Major Factions are affected by Happiness (Syntis populations are not). A population's Happiness can be monitored through the Population screen as part of the Planet Management interface (highlighted in the first panel above). In this example, the Mankind population is at 80% happiness, which is increasing at a rate of 0.52% per hour.

Mousing over the "i" icon next to the Happiness stat brings up the tool-tip seen in the second panel, giving a detailed breakdown of all factors affecting the population's overall happiness. All new colonies start at a Happiness of 80%, which can then increase or decrease depending on several factors:

  • Civilization - all organic Major Factions start with a base Happiness of +1% per hour.
  • Tax Rate - a low tax rate will boost happiness, while setting a high rate will cause it to fall.
  • Structures - Organic populations can construct Entertainment Centers, desirable structures which boost happiness. Syntis players can construct Medicinal Happiness Centers to boost the happiness of an organic population sharing the colony with them. Several structures, such as Power Stations and Mines are undesirable, and so have a negative impact on happiness.
  • Unemployment - if a colony has unemployment that exceeds the civilization's maximum unemployment tolerance, happiness is negatively affected.
  • Invasion - colonies which are in the process of being invaded will suffer a major happiness penalty of at least -3%/h.
  • Corruption - all organic Populations will be affected by Corruption as a player's empire expands, which penalises happiness.

All of these factors are summed together to produce an overall happiness change. Happiness can never rise or fall faster than 1% per hour, so there should always be time for the player to intervene and save a bad situation.

Effects of Happiness

The population growth rate is directly dependent on happiness - 100% happiness gives the maximum growth rate, while growth will stop entirely at zero happiness. Additionally, if happiness reaches 100%, the civilization's Happiness bonus is applied to the colony's income, boosting it by some percentage. The player can check if their Populations are receiving this boost by mousing over the Income tab on the Planet Management screen.

Example - A Mankind colony producing an income of +100/h Credits will produce +130/h when Happiness reaches 100% (based on a 30% Happiness bonus for that Faction).

For these two reasons, it is recommended to increase the Happiness of all populations to 100% and maintain it there, in order to receive these bonuses.


If a population's happiness is allowed to fall to 0%, the population will riot in protest and could destroy infrastructure, which will have to be rebuilt afresh. A rioting colony will also not produce any resources, credits, science or ships, so players should always take quick action to bring such situations under control.