Guidance Systems I

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Guidance Systems I
Guidance Systems I.png
Weapons & Warfare Equipment Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Blast Projectiles I
Difficulty: 250
Unlocks: Tier 1 Medium Missile Launcher ML-1
Required By: Guidance Systems II, Explosive Warheads


Although the ability to research basic Guidance Systems is unlocked almost immediately (through the starter tech Blast Projectiles I), its Difficulty of 250 will put it well beyond the reach of brand new players for some time. Luckily, such players will also not have unlocked the ships compatible with this Medium weapon, so they can safely ignore it.

This technology will become important only when the player has unlocked warships with several Medium weapon hard points, such as Destroyers. At that point, Guidance Systems I is worth unlocking to get the ML-1 missile launcher, a reasonably powerful, fixed-mount, single-target, indirect-fire ordnance weapon. Other weapons such as Power and Kinetic cannons (and their turret variants) all require direct line-of-sight to the target to fire, and as ships cannot move around or past each other, only the front row of ships can actually fight. By setting up a fleet's rear echelons as missile boats able to fire past friendly ships, the effective DPS available to a combat fleet will increase dramatically.

Compared to Kinetic cannons, missile launchers are expensive to build, but consume only slightly more ordnance overall. Their ammunition consumption per volley is much higher, but their fire rate is much lower.

Using this as a prerequisite tech, players can choose to progress up the ML-1 tech branch, or unlock a single area-of-effect missile weapon.