Ground Warfare

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Note: This is an Older page. Worth a read but a more current (though not as pretty!) page detailing attacking a planet is found under Planetary Assault

Planets enter a state of "At War" when a player invades a planet colonized by another player by launching a ground assault against it.

This can last between a few minutes and over an hour, depending how evenly balanced the conditions are.

Defending a planet

For a ground assault to succeed, an attacking player needs to defeat:

  • All ships in the planet's orbit
  • Any ground troops stationed on the planet

Therefore, you can stave off an attempted invasion by intercepting any enemy fleets before they arrive at your planet, or by having a strong fleet in orbit waiting for them.

If this fails, your only hope of holding on to the planet is to have enough ground troops to fend off the invasion. This requires the building of barracks.



You can order the construction of a barracks (shown above) on any planet you have colonized, if you have the necessary resources and have performed Conscription research.

Once a barracks has been built, members of your civilian population are conscripted in to your army and are trained and stationed at the barracks - ready to defend your planet in the event of an invasion.

Each barracks has a limit on the number of troops that can be stationed there. Build additional barracks to have more troops available and increase the likelihood of victory.

Different civilizations have stronger or weaker ground troops, which means if equally matched in numbers, this could determine the outcome.

Launching a Ground Assault

To launch a ground assault and attempt to conquer another player's planet you need to:

  • Equip a ship with a life module and transfer colonists to it (requires Transportation research)
  • Succeed in getting that ship in to orbit around the target planet (defeating any enemy ships in orbit)
  • Deploy your colonists to the planet's surface to launch their assault

Initiate the invasion

Ground Assault Launch.jpg

Choose how many of your ship's passengers to send

Ground Assault Invasion.jpg

Icon next to planet name indicates At War

Ground Assault Active.jpg


Once the ground assault is over - either succeeding or failing - you will receive a notification.

If an assault is successful, ownership of the planet will transfer between players. Existing infrastructure and citizens will be annexed. If the races are different, the planet will show the separate populations. Although you'll be able to view previously built structures, you'll only be able to construct others based on your own technology.

Ground Assault Success.jpg

Future Versions

Please note: this is the first version of Ground Warfare and is very basic. In future versions we envisage a much greater strategic and visual experience!

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