Global Science Program

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Global Science Program
Laboratory Research 3.png
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Magnetized Target Fusion
Difficulty: 1,250
Unlocks: Tier 3 Laboratories
Required By: Quantum Manipulation


The Global Science Program Technology allows the player to upgrade their Laboratories to the Tier 3 version, the highest possible upgrade for these structures. Each Tier 3 Lab provides three Science Power (Syntis Research Boosters provide four), representing a significant increase in potential Science Power.

As with the Tier 2 upgrade, these are both expensive and time-consuming to perform, with each one now consuming 9,000 Limbalt and Ziryl each. Syntis players will also need to factor in the doubled power requirement of 400 MWt per Tier 3 Laboratory. Despite all this, as the Difficulty of available Techs continues to rise and the player's science worlds hit their population caps, these upgrades will eventually become useful for late-game players in achieving maximum returns from existing infrastructure.

As with the previous upgrade, Laboratories will not contribute any Science Power to the player's empire-wide total while upgrading.

Global Science Program has one subsequent unlock, which provides the Cargo Transporter structure.