Game Slots

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Game slots allow players to join and participate in multiple games simultaneously. Players cannot however join the same galaxy twice. In order to join a Outscape galaxy you must have an available game slot.

Game Slot Mechanics

In the Outscape main menu the player can see their currently joined games. From this screen the player can also join new games (galaxies). There are two types of game the player can join Public Games and Private Games. In order to be able join a new game the player must have an available game slot of the appropriate type (public or private). If the player does not have an available game slot, the player must first open a new one.

Starting Game Slots

Owners of Outscape get three public game slots, allowing them to participate in three public galaxies simultaneously. In addition the player will get access to a special tutorial slot where they can learn new skills and practise. Of the three public game slots, only one will be available. The other two will unlock after completion of the tutorial and achieving some basic things in the first game slot (typically they can be unlocked within a few hours). This is to ensure that the player does not make fundamental mistakes at the beginning of all three of their games.

Opening New Slots

The player can open additional public or private game slots by spending Dark Orbs. There is no limit to the number of slots which can be opened. The player can then use a Public slot to join a public game of their choosing or a Private slot to join a private game to which they are allowed access.

End Game

If they player quits a game early, there may be a penalty cooldown where that specific game slot is unavailable to be reused for a while. This is to ensure that galaxies remain filled with committed players, instead of abandoned civilizations where some players quit at the first sign of trouble. The maximum cooldown is 14 days, but can be less depending upon the state of the game when the player left. This is to encourage players to try to fight and win.

Note that if the player is mostly destroyed when the player surrenders, there is no penalty cooldown.


Slots remain open for 12 months. The player can spend Dark Orbs to renew any slot for 12 months at a time.


As part of commitment to never being pay-to-win the player's resources and scores a game specific. It is not possible to accumulate additional advantages by joining multiple games, although of course this is a way a player can hone their skills.