Fusion Reactor Efficiency

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Fusion Reactor Efficiency
Power Research 2.png
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Science Practice
Difficulty: 25
Unlocks: Tier 2 Power Stations
Required By: Scientific Methods, Sub-Particle Fission


Fusion Reactor Efficiency is an important early Technology to research, and with its low Difficulty rating of 25 can be done so by relatively new players. Once researched, players will be able to upgrade Tier 1 (Small) Power Stations to the Tier 2 version, which supply 20% more power to a planet's power grid for 120 MWt total.

All planetary structures are rated to consume some amount of power. If you have insufficient power for all the planet's buildings, critical infrastructure such as mines and planetary defences will go offline, and the populace will start to riot in protest of the power blackouts. Hence, building more and better power stations is a must for every colony.

When upgrading power stations, note that they will not supply power to the grid while offline for upgrades. Players should ensure their planetary power grids have enough spare capacity to cover upgrading structures.