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The fleet context menu is the graphic and controls that appear around a fleet when it’s selected. The information shown and buttons that are enabled will depend on the modules installed on the ships within the fleet and the fleet’s current activity.


Fleet Contetxt Menu Diagram.jpg

The diagram above shows a fleet moving with its cloaking module engaged:

  • No minelayer or repair modules are available so those buttons are disabled
  • Time to destination and current speed are shown because the fleet is moving at Warp 2 (when moving using thrusters current speed is shown as 0)
  • Because the cloak is enabled, another timer is shown on the right displaying how much longer the fleet can remain cloaked for (based on available fuel)
  • This fleet has a full load of fuel and its HP is fully intact

Countdown timers

Fleet Context Menu Timers.jpg

Timers are shown below the main fleet label:

  • Left timer: the fleet’s ETA to current destination (only shown while moving)
  • Right timer: only shown while any of the following are active
    • Laying a minefield - time remaining for minefield to be deployed
    • Cloaked - time fleet can remain cloaked for
    • Repairing - time remaining until fleet HP is repaired to 100%
    • Orbital strike - time remaining until orbital strike can launch
    • Planet attack/invasion - time remaining until planet invasion can launch

Button states

Buttons can be in one of three states: disabled, enabled, or active. The following table shows how these three states look using the boosted warp button:

Disabled Enabled Active
Fleet Button Warp Disabled.png Fleet Button Warp Available.png Fleet Button Warp Active.png

Disabled buttons

A button could be disabled because:

  • It isn’t applicable for the fleet’s current state e.g. the stop button is disabled if the fleet isn’t moving
  • The relevant module isn’t available to the fleet e.g. no ship within the fleet has a cloak, repair, or minelayer module installed

Boosted warp

  • By default, fleets move at their engine’s max free-warp speed
  • If a fleet has fuel tanks and olzine available, boosted warp can be engaged (by clicking the boosted warp button).
    • When boosted warp is engaged, the fleet will move at the engine’s max warp speed for as long as the olzine supply will permit.
  • While moving, the current fleet speed in shown above the fleet name (zero is shown if the fleet is moving using thrusters instead of warp speed).

For example, if a fleet’s engines have a free-warp speed of 2 and a max warp speed of 6, the fleet will travel at warp 2 unless boosted warp is engaged where it will move at warp 6.

Fleet transfer

  • The fleet transfer UI looks/works the same as the planet transfer UI and is opened by clicking the Transfer button on the fleet context menu
  • Only fleets nearby are available to transfer to (use the move to position command to move a fleet to another’s position)
  • At the moment it’s only possible to transfer between a player’s own fleets

Cargo Transfer.jpg

Fleet transfer screen

Move To Position.jpg

Using the "move to position" command to move a fleet to the position of another