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Evolvan ava.png
Civilization Stats
Temp. Tolerance: Unknown
Optimal Temp.: +35°C
Land/Water Affinity: Land
Optimal Water Balance: 70%
Physical Strength: x0.1
Growth Multiplier: x5
Max. Pop. Multiplier: 1
Max. Home Guard: 35%
Max. Unemployment: 25%
Max. Labor Shortage: 30%
Happiness Bonus: 30%
Penalty for Unhappiness: 50%

The hardest part of communication with Evolvanians was understanding. Through many miles of roots, buzzing sounds, spores and different smells their connection became so deep that at some point in history Evolvanians became unified and formed one collective consciousness. Encountering one of them is encountering the entire species.

Partly botanical and partly insectoid humanoids with a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world.

Their ability to manipulate flora proves to be extremely useful for other civilizations, as they can produce almost endless amount of provision to sustain an entire colony.

Other interesting capabilities of Evolvanians are their growth and regeneration powers. One Evolvanian can literally remove parts of its body, which will become a full-grown being in a very short period of time. This explains their high population and growth rate. In-Game Description


The Evolvanians are a minor faction that can be found throughout the A3 Skirmish galaxy. They typically prefer warm planets with plenty of water. When a planet with a native Evolvanian population is colonized, their population automatically joins the colony and can contribute to the planet's development.

Benefits to a Colony

With a x5 growth multiplier, Evolvanian populations grow far faster than any other civilization. Additionally, Evolvanians produce such an abundance of sustenance by themselves that building Farms is unnecessary. The colony can support the planet's max population size (of both primary and secondary civilizations) without farms.

On the flip side, Evolvanians are physically very weak, so contribute little to a planet's defense. When developing an Evolvanian colony, the primary challenge a player will face is keeping them in employment; colonies of this kind will grow extremely quickly and cannot be slowed by not building farms. As a Minor Faction, their excess population also cannot be moved by ships with Personnel Transport modules.

Evolvanians have reasonable synergy with all the organic Major Factions, but particularly the Ripchee, which also prefer warm, predominantly water planets.