Efficient Detonation Chambers I

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Efficient Detonation Chambers I
Weapons & Warfare Equipment Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Blast Projectiles I
Difficulty: 50
Unlocks: Medium Kinetic Cannon MKC-1
Required By: Efficient Detonation Chambers II, Tracking Device for Kinetic Cannon I


This technology unlocks the Tier 1 Medium fixed Kinetic Cannon for use on ships. As a Medium-sized weapon, it is incompatible with Scout-class hulls, but all Destroyers and nearly all Frigates have at least some Medium weapon hard points, so it is worth having a weapon like this available to avoid unnecessary ship redesigns and refits.

The MKC-1 is relatively easy to unlock at 50 Difficulty, and is a cheap and solid ship weapon for Tier 1 vessels. The equivalent Medium Plasma Cannon does more damage, but the MKC-1's fire cannot be negated by shields. Compared to the Tier 1 Small Kinetic Cannon, the MKC-1 does twice as much damage, but consumes twice as much ammunition. Players should ensure that their ship designs include enough ammunition onboard, especially for larger ships capable of mounting several such cannons.

Researching this technology unlocks the next tier of fixed Medium cannon, as well as the first Kinetic turret, which trades some DPS and ammo efficiency for tracking speed.