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Civilization Snithereal
Class Colonizer
Flagship level 4
Tech level 1
Armour 80
Length 80 m
Engines 4 x S
General (M) 2
Farsu 800
Credits 500
Build time (secs) 2,940

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The Echidna is the Tier 1 Colonizer hull of the Snithereal.

Overview & Strategy

As the Snithereal's Colonizer hull, the Echidna is important throughout the game for colonizing new planets, in order to control new territory, minerals and food sources. With a low build time of 49 minutes, quick expansion of the player's empire in the early game is possible.

Like all Snithereal ships, the Echidna has superb fuel efficiency, allowing it to travel long distances on a single Fuel Tank. The second Medium slot can then be given to extra cargo or Personnel Transport capacity. The Echidna should not sail unescorted – with no Weapons and a base Armour of just 80, it is highly vulnerable to even starter Pirates. New players should look to the Serpent to fulfil this role.