Developer diaries

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  Title Content
Dev Diary #1 Wreckages & Asteroids Fleet management, wreckages, asteroid fields
Dev Diary #2 Big Ships & Shiny Weapns Dreadnoughts, new weapn models
Dev Diary #3 Denizens of the galaxy Minor factions
Dev Diary #4 Restoring the balance Balance importance
Dev Diary #5 Science and Trees Research and tech tree
Dev Diary #6 Globes of Lava and Gas Planet types, star system generation
Dev Diary #7 Players & Goals Types of player, profile page, leaderboards
Dev Diary #8 Merging & Splitting Forming fleets, merge and split functions
Dev Diary #9 New Gameplay for a New Galaxy Planet surface importance, corruption, fleet control centers
Dev Diary #10 Shipyards in Space Model of shipyard on the orbit, water adjustment station, Ripchee Saber
Dev Diary #11 Stealth Wars Positioning durring battle, stealth changes, corvettes, special functions
Dev Diary #12 Rebalance and newcomers Orbital strike enhancements, Armor bane weapons, engines, new People's Realm models
Dev Diary #13 Space heist Stealing of resources, new shipyard models