Deep Space Mining

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Deep Space Mining
Deep Space Mining.png
Mining Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: None
Difficulty: 0.1
Unlocks: Tier 1 Asteroid Mining Ship Modules
Required By: Ziryl-90 Fusion, Advanced Extraction Techniques, Industrial Use of Limbalt


This starting technology (research time of six minutes) allows the player to design ships incorporating Small and Medium Asteroid Mining Systems, allowing resources to be harvested from asteroid fields in planetary systems. This can be a useful early capability, as it allows ships to harvest significant quantities of extra resources that would otherwise be inaccessible. Of the two modules, the Medium System offers greater efficiency in resource extraction and Ship Power draw, so should be used instead of the Small one where possible.

What makes this technology a must-get is the subsequent technologies it opens up for research, namely planetary mining of the resources limbalt and ziryl, as well as Tier 2 asteroid mining modules. Given that Advanced Extraction Techniques provides modules with twice the performance of the ones unlocked here and is only rated at 25 Difficulty, a player might reasonably choose not to use the Tier 1 mining modules and wait to unlock these better alternatives.