Death Warrant

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Death Warrant
Civilization People's Realm
Class Scout
Flagship level 4
Tech level 1
Armour 316
Length 120 m
Engines 2 x S
General (S) 2
General (M) 2
Weapon (S) 2
Farsu 3,160
Credits 560
Build time (secs) 1,860

The Death Warrant is a small scout hull that offers good operational versatility at a low cost. In-Game Description

The Death Warrant is the Scout hull of the The People's Realm, and is immediately unlocked at the start of the game.

Overview & Strategy

The Death Warrant Hull is the all-round strongest Scout-class hull currently in game. The addition of two Medium equipment slots makes it particularly useful in early game-play, for a variety of roles:

  • Adding cargo modules allows a small freighter version to be easily manufactured. This is particularly useful to scavenge the free resources in the home system.
  • With fuel tanks and Improved Warp Engines, the Death Warrant becomes a capable explorer, easily able to make round trips of 45 LY.
  • Equipped with upgraded energy weapons and a Shield module, it becomes a potent anti-pirate weapon in the early game, as starting pirates are unshielded and use energy-based attacks.
  • Properly configured, it can usually fend off one or two scout vessels from other playable races and survive. At worse than three to one odds though, it's likely toast. For this role, small ballistic cannons mean you will at least scratch your attacker (due to their shield-negating ability), and the Death Warrant's 316 base Hit Points will allow it to survive a couple of hits from medium class weapons.

Later on in the game, the Death Warrant remains useful in Corvette warfare. As a Scout, it is compatible with Scout Engines, and better-equipped than the Poisk. Squadrons of these ships will have the speed to help deter enemy Minesweepers and small cloaked formations. Beyond this, the hull has use as a cheap disposable picket ship or throwaway explorer.