Dark Energy Charged Engines

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Dark Energy Charged Engines
Dark Energy Charged Engines.png
Engines Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Olzine Charged Engine
Difficulty: 1,250
Unlocks: Dark Energy Engines
Required By: Small Gravity Camera


Dark Energy Charged Engines is one of two possible Technologies available after unlocking Improved Warp Engines. Its Difficulty of 1,250 places it as a mid-game tech, and one that is worth working up to researching, as it provides a new engine type for all ships - the Dark Energy Engine.

Compared to the previous Improved Warp Engine, Dark Energy Engines offer:

  • An increased Power Output of 125 MWt.
  • A further increase to Thruster Speed, allowing fleets to fly in-system more quickly.
  • A Boosted Warp speed of 7, 50% faster than the Improved Engine's Warp 5 and twice as fast as the Base Engine.
  • Fuel efficiency at Boosted Warp speed is improved by 20%.

With these engines, the player will be able to move through and between star systems more quickly, and will require less fuel to do so. With a Boosted Warp of 7, such fleets will be able to outrun any opponent using Hyperspace Engines, or Scout Engines relying on their Free Warp speed of 4. These qualities make this engine useful for ships and fleets that handle the player's interstellar communications, such as cargo and colonist transport fleets. The Dark Energy engine is also an excellent choice for Scouts and Corvettes until the faster and more powerful Scout Engines become available, for which this Technology is a prerequisite.

Dark Energy engines also make an interesting option for combat fleets. Although their power output is low compared to Zero Gravity and Hyperspace Engines, and they need fuel to function, they offer a significantly greater speed, making them the best choice for small and medium ships in fast strike groups, attacking and retreating before slower and heavier enemy assets can respond.


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