Communication Control

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Communication Control
Control Center Research 1.png
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: Organic Major Factions
Prerequisite: Science Practice
Difficulty: 25
Unlocks: Mission Control Centers
Required By: Advanced Sensory Systems


This Technology allows the player to build Mission Control Centers, a type of planetary structure which increases the number of fleets the player can operate at any one time. Each Control Center built raises the fleet cap by two.

Although the initial fleet cap of 14 fleets will be sufficient for a while, it will need to be raised as the player's empire expands. To do this, one Control Center may be built on each planet the player controls, but these are expensive and power-hungry structures, and their construction should not be undertaken lightly early in the game. Hence, this is not a "do-on-day-one" vital technology, but can be easily unlocked as and when it is needed, owing to its low Difficulty rating of 25.

Building a Control Center on each of the player's 45 possible planets will give a fleet cap of 104.