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Both single and multi ship fleets are commanded and managed in the same way (a single ship is still considered a fleet).

Fleet selection


The image above shows two fleets belonging to the player:

  • The fleet on the right has been selected. It contains three ships (indicated by the 3/3 at the top of its icon - the number on the left is the number of ships in the fleet and the number on the right the maximum permitted based on the fleet's flagship level) and the fleet control buttons are visible.
  • The fleet on the left contains a single ship (the box appears when hovering the fleet).



To send a ship somewhere you first need to select it. The cursor will then turn into a marker showing how long the ship will take to travel to a position.

  • In a system, ships can only ever travel at impulse speed so activating boosted warp would make no difference.
  • While travelling in deep space warp speeds are used. Activating boosted warp speed will show shorter or longer travel times to the same destination.
  • The potential speed of a fleet is determined by the ship with the slowest engines.


Other objects

When a fleet is selected and you click on a star, planet, other fleet etc. you will get a pop up menu where the available options will depend on the object selected and modules available to the fleet.

In the image below, the selected fleet is within a system and clicking a planet brings up a menu with two options: Explore and Colonize.


In the following image however, a star has been clicked from the star map view, which brings up the list of planets in that system. For each of the planets the same menu with the option to explore appears.



Fleet Attack.jpg

With a ship selected and an enemy ship then clicked on, the available options are to move to that position or to attack!

Move to position: your fleet will pursue the other fleet, but it won't do anything else without further orders.

The option to attack will do the same as move to position, however should the fleets get close enough together, battle will commence!

Forming fleets

There are two ways to form fleets:

  • Using the Merge fleet option from a fleet's context menu
  • Manually from the fleet management screen

Merge fleet function

The easier way is to select one fleet, click on another fleet, and choose the 'Merge fleet' option from the menu. The fleet selected first will then move to intercept the other fleet and merge with it.


  • The flagship of the new fleet is chosen automatically (the ship with the highest flagship level amongst both fleets)
  • If no ship within either fleet has a flagship level high enough to support all ships in a single fleet the 'Merge fleet' option is disabled
  • Ships merged this way will be formed in an anti-clockwise spiral starting with the largest


Fleets are formed manually around a designated flagship. The first step is to move each of the ships that will form the fleet to the position of the ship which will be the flagship. Select a ship, click the flagship, and you should get the option 'Move to position'.


Once all ships have been moved to the same position, zoom in to that area (double-click or scroll-up the mouse wheel). One by one, select each ship and then move it to a position around the flagship. Each ship will then move to join the fleet.


Once done, all ships will be formed into a fleet. They'll hold that formation until you say otherwise. Clicking any ship in the fleet will open the fleet management panel.


Splitting fleets

The 'Split' button on the fleet context menu can be used to open the fleet splitting screen. From this screen you can then choose which ships to remove from the current fleet and separate out to their own fleet(s) of one or more ships.


Alternatively, you can open the fleet splitting screen from Fleet management.


  • The fleets in the current fleet are shown on the top half
  • Drag ships one by one to the lower half to form a new fleet
  • The first ship moved is designated as the flagship


Fleet management

The fleet management panel is accessed by clicking the icon next to the fleet name (loupe icon). From this panel you can:

  • Change the fleet name
  • View the fleet's info and combined cargo
  • Set tactics for battle
  • Set tactics on a ship-by-ship basis
  • Make a note for this fleet