Cloak Detectors

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Cloak Detectors are a special type of ship module, used to detect the presence of cloaked ships and fleets belonging to other players.

  • Cloak Detectors are only compatible with Corvette-class hulls.
  • Only one type of Cloak Detector module is available, and must be unlocked through the relevant research.
  • Cloak Detectors require fuel (olzine) to activate, and will not function without it.
  • Only the flagship of a fleet may activate a Cloak Detector. Having multiple ships with Cloak Detectors does not improve their effectiveness or duration.
  • An activated Cloak Detector will reveal cloaked ships and fleets in the flagship's Sensor radius. The detecting fleet is free to move while doing this. Owners of detected ships and/or fleets will not be notified that they have been detected.


Cloak Detector1Gravity DistortionS504007,2001,2502,500


  • Level: the tech-level
  • Research: the technology that must be researched to unlock this item for use
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large
  • PC (Power Consumption MWt): quantity of ship's power that will be consumed
  • Detecting Time: how long the module can remain active for in detecting cloaked fleets
  • Fa (Farsu): cost in farsu (added to ship total farsu cost)
  • Credits: cost in credits (added to ship total credit cost)