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About Cargo

Freight Transport Temp.png

Cargo modules are fitted to ships to add the ability to shuttle Natural Resources from place to place. They can be research early in the game by researching the Freight transport (formerly called "Cargo Transport" before Alpha 3 - beware out of date links to that!) Technology.

As the table shows Cargo modules are in multiple sizes.

Apart from puting them onto a cargo vessel its worth noting that including some on warships on anti piracy or raiding duty is worth while so that any loot from destroying an enemy can be transported away as spoils


Small Cargo1N/AS4001001000
Medium Cargo1N/AM1,2003003000
Large Cargo1N/AL2,8007007000
Small Cargo Extended2Freight StandardsS6002002000
Medium Cargo Extended2Freight StandardsM1,8006006000
Large Cargo Extended2Freight StandardsL3,5001,4001,4000


  • Level: the tech-level
  • Research: the technology that must be researched to unlock this item for use
  • Size: Small, Medium or Large
  • Capacity: how much resources it can hold
  • Fa (Farsu): cost in farsu (added to ship total farsu cost)
  • Credits: cost in credits (added to ship total credit cost)
  • Build: build time in seconds (added to ship total build time)