Boosted Syntis Controller

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Boosted Syntis Controller
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: Syntis only
Prerequisite: Globalization
Difficulty: 25
Unlocks: Tier 2 Syntis Controllers
Required By: Miltithreading

For the version of this technology available to organic Major Factions, see Advanced Hydroponics.


Researching this technology unlocks the Tier 2 Controller structure for the Syntis player's empire. This is a comparatively modest upgrade; a Tier 2 Controller is only able to support 5,000 extra Population compared to a Tier 1 structure. However, population support is labour-intensive; planets with very small or very large populations will be particularly affected by this. Hence, it is likely that players will need to upgrade their Controllers at some point in order to free up workers.

When making upgrades, remember that the structure will not support any population while the upgrade is queued. Taking too many Controllers offline at once will cause the planet to become overpopulated, and colonists will start to die off. A work-around is to build additional Tier 1 Controllers, to provide extra capacity to cover upgrades.