Blast Projectiles I

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Blast Projectiles I
Weapons & Warfare Equipment Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: None
Difficulty: 0.1
Unlocks: Small Kinetic Cannon SKC-1
Required By: Blast Projectiles II, Efficient Detonation Chambers I, Guidance Systems I


Blast Projectiles I is one of two starting technologies available at the roots of the Weapons & Warfare Equipment section of the tech tree. It unlocks the Tier 1 Small Kinetic Cannon, an ordnance weapon compatible with Scout and other beginner hulls. This can be considered a direct upgrade to the SKD-1 quad-gun, which is available to all new players.

Compared to the Small Power Cannon, the Kinetic Cannon is cheaper to construct (in particular, no Ziryl is needed) and ignores enemy shields, but does slightly less damage. All ordnance weapons consume ammunition when fired, in the form of Limbalt stored in Ordnance Modules. Players using these weapons should ensure they have a steady supply of limbalt and to reload their fleets after each engagement.