Advanced Sensory Systems

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Advanced Sensory Systems
Planet Radar Research 1.png
Infrastructure Technology
Available To: All Major Factions
Prerequisite: Science Practice or Communication Control
Difficulty: 50
Unlocks: Tier 2 Planetary Scanners
Required By: Centralized Communication or Neural Analysis of Signal


This Technology unlocks the Tier 2 upgrade to the Planetary Scanner structure. The upgraded version has the same Scanner radius (the outer detection circle) of 35 Light Years (LY), but doubles the Sensor radius (the inner detection circle) to 10 LY. With this, the player will be better able to see what fleets are coming and going from their systems.

As the tech is fairly easy to unlock at 50 Difficulty, it is useful but not necessarily a high priority one to research in the early game, particularly as the upgrade itself is expensive.